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For International Students

Choosing a program that fits your needs and your personality

is much more important than the prestige of a school. 

Services Include:

Study Abroad Consultation (Performing Arts programs in the U.S.)

Audition Prep Consultation and Coaching (In-Person/Virtual)

International Artists Visa Preparation Consultation 

Have you ever dreamt about studying Performing Arts in America? I have.

Have you hesitated because of the unfamiliarity of the audition process? I have

Have you stopped yourself because of all the uncertainties such as your Visa? I have


It's not an easy journey. But don't give up on your dream before you even try.

WE can figure it out TOGETHER.

For Schools and Institutions in the U.S.

 In recent years, the number of international applicants for musical theatre programs in the U.S. has increased significantly. However, language and cultural differences might prohibit these applicants from presenting their best talents and potential. Once they get accepted, the students can expect more challenges, such as casting opportunities, finances, Visa, and career planning.

International students are not burdens.

They are dreamers; they are warriors; they are practitioners.

Let us work together to enhance the quality of their education, and help them make the world a better place.

Recruiting International Students is not just checking the diversity box.

For domestic students, it develops

empathy, cultural awareness, and worldview.

For educators, it builds up international connections

and develops cultural sensitivities.

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