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Coaching Session

Hi all, 

Welcome to Leo's online classroom. Due to COVID-19, I am currently offering online classes at a special rate. Please contact Leo for more details. Let's all do our part: stay home,  stay healthy, stay positive, and stay creative. 

Services for Virtual Session/Consultation include:

  • College & Graduate School Audition Prep

  • Song Performance (Acting Through Song)

  • Building Your Audition Book

  • Branding and Marketing for Actors (Headshot, Resume, and Website)

  • Mandarin Tutoring

  • Mandarin Accent Coach for Actors

  • International Artist/Students Consultation  

  • How to Assist International Students in Your Program

  • Any other guidance I can provide!

Tracks: If you plan to sing during the coaching session, please prepare tracks to your songs. The tracks can be played from a speaker (most ideal), or simply from your mobile device. 


After booking a session, you will receive an email from Leo with the rate and link to the virtual lesson.

Upon agreeing the time and details, you can make your payment via Venmo, Paypal, or Wechat before the lesson. 

Thank you. Let's sing, chat, and play!

*For our international friends who have difficulty scheduling appointments due to the time difference, please email We will do our best to make it happen!

相關中文資訊請參考Service中文版 網頁。各項服務均接受微信支付。若有客製化需求,或因時差有線上預約問題,以及其他付款方式與相關細節,請Email: 期待與你們空中相見!


For Customized Service or Lesson, Click here to Email Leo!

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