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Musical Theatre & Acting Workshops & Coaching

Customized Services Include:

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions (In-Person/Virtual)

Group Coaching Sessions 


Examples of previous workshops include:

Audition? I Only Care About Your Story; Hip-Hop Your Story;

Stop Acting, Let's Play; Freeing the Body; The Best Day of Your Life.

Every audition is a question,

and YOU can be the answer 

by presenting your truest self

and turning your unique differences into advantages.  

Mandarin Language & Accent Coaching

Tired of only knowing "Ni-How?" 

Have an audition that requires you to speak Mandarin?

Want to make sure your actors speak Mandarin authentically?

Let me help you. 

Services Include:

Private Language Tutoring

Audition Language Coaching 

Production Language Coaching/Consultation

(In-Person/Virtual Session Available)

Click here to make an appointment!

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